About Us

Learn Burmese was started in 2013 by Shaun Cheng. Having been with his Burmese partner since 2007, learning the language was a natural step.

Despite the numerous private language schools in Singapore, few offered Burmese language classes and even those that did, tended to cram as many students as they could into a class, were totally hands-off with the curriculum and also offered zero revision support to help students revise the new words learnt from each lesson.

The frustration of not being to learn Burmese properly and effectively led to our decision to design classes to specifically address the learning needs of complete beginners keen to learn this unique and beautiful language from a country that has only recently begun to open up to the world. Thus Learn Burmese was born.

We aim to give students an enjoyable and confident start to speaking the language with an emphasis on what one might most likely need whether visiting the country – traveling, breaking the ice with natives, conducting business or simply wanting to learn more about the culture. Learners can expect to pick up essential “survival” language fundamentals such as ordering food in a restaurant, hailing a taxi, as well as “social” language needed for getting to know people and making friends.  

Learners can look forward to expanding their knowledge with Beginners’ Burmese II; Intermediate Burmese; Advanced Burmese and Business Burmese courses.

Last but not least, you will find that Burmese is a much easier language to learn than many people think! So, why not give it a shot?