Burmese Script I

Burmese Script I

Course Fee

Per Person

Course Duration

12 Lessons of 1.5hrs Each
2 to 4 Persons Per Class

Course Start

Commence According to Demand

*For reference only. Individual lesson plans may be subject to change for optimizing the pace of teaching to suit students’ learning


The Burmese script is derived from the Mon script, which was itself an adaptation of a southern Indian script during the 8th century. Burmese inscriptions have been found as early as the 11th century.

There are 33 Burmese alphabets. Words are written from left to right and spacing between the words is not required. Modern Burmese writing nonetheless contains spaces between clauses to improve readability.

Expected Course Outcome

Participants will be introduced to the 33 alphabets of the Burmese script and can expect closely guided practice sessions throughout the course to accurately memorize the sounds of each alphabet and the words built from them. A hands-on immersion method will be used. With practice and diligence, participants can confidently expect to acquire language skills enabling them to skillfully read, and understand simple written Burmese script.

This course is meant for those interested in learning how to read the script to further enhance their knowledge of the Myanmar language and is most suitable if taken in conjunction with our Beginners’ Burmese courses where strong oral language skills are developed

Reading opens doors to new worlds.

Contents of the course

  • – The Myanmar Alphabets
  • – Oral Practice Reading Drills To Help Identify and Memorize the Alphabets
  • – Word Formation with Alphabets
  • – The Myanmar Numerics and the Numbering System
  • – Oral Practice Reading Drills with Numbers
  • – Vowel Sound Formations
  • – Adding Different Symbols/strokes to indicate the tones of the language
  • – Identifying Formal Written Words vs Common Everyday Words
  • – Oral Practice Reading Drills